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United Photo & Graphic Services is the sole provider of the Australian Government's aerial photography archives under service agreement with Geoscience Australia. The Australian Government has extensive repositories of over 1.5 Million aerial photographs flown as early as 1930. Search Aerial Photography Flight Lines to determine photography available and to download order forms.


Archival photography is particularly useful in remote areas of low urban and environmental change and is regularly accessed by the geological, mineral and extractive industries, and benefits town planners and land managers in areas where change analysis is important.

Victorian Government Aerial Photography archives are also available from United Photo & Graphic Services. We are a licensed reseller of Vicmap Image TM products.

United Photo & Graphic Services have extensive repositories of recent photography flown throughout Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and across Australia. Contact Us today to find out what imagery is available over your area. We supply customised imagery in all commercial formats for your GIS and project needs.