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LiDAR Airborne Laser Scanning

Equipped with the latest in world leading Airborne Laser Terrain Mapping (ALTM) technology, our Optech Gemini Multipulse LiDAR records 3D elevation data at 167kHz. The Optech LiDAR features multi-pulse data capture enabling more efficient and economical data collection with the added advantage of real-time medium format (39 Megapixel) digital camera imagery (in either Infra-Red or True Colour) to be captured simultaneously. Utilising the camera combined with the LiDAR provides a viable option in critical incident response or high volume aerial survey requests.

LiDAR System:

  • ALTM Optech 167kHz LiDAR with integrated Medium Format 39 Megapixel ROLLEI Digital Camera. Coupled with a LITTON LN-200 IMU inertial position and orientation system with integrated airborne GPS.

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is an optical remote sensing technology that measures properties of scattered light to determine the range and/or other information of a distant target. Using Laser pulses, the range to an object is determined by measuring the time delay between transmission of a pulse and detection of the reflected signal.

LiDAR technology is being successfully applied to mapping road networks in Victoria, and mineral resource companies have employed our LiDAR for quarry mapping and green field planning. The integrated medium format ROLLEI Digital Camera is also being utilised as an alternative to film based solutions for rapid image acquisition and processing. The digital camera can readily achieve 0.12m ground pixel resolution when flown at 1000m or 0.22m pixel resolution can be achieved when flown at 6000ft.