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Film Scanning & Digital Processing

United Photo & Graphic Services working together with affiliated company Photomapping Services has greatly expanded its airborne imagery and spatial capabilities. We can now provide clients complete flight-to-product solutions and exclusive access to the Victorian and Australian Government orthophoto archives. Our specialist equipment available for orthophoto, photogrammetric and mapping production includes:

  • Softcopy Photogrammetric and ESRI ArcGISTM Workstations
  • Two LeicaTM DSW700 precise photogrammetric film scanners (colour, B&W at upto 4.5 microns)
  • ImatizerTM 2304 precise photogrammetric scanner (colour, B&W at up to 8 microns)
  • Two Geosystem DeltaTM precise large format scanners

Leica DSW700

Equipped with the latest in film scanning technology, the Leica DSW700 is the best scanner available on the market and greatly increases film production capability and the end-quality of digital orthophotography.

Compatible with both cut and roll film, the scan resolution can be set from 4.5 to 22 microns without resampling. The high-intensity three-color LED light source enables very dense media to be scanned quickly and with good results. The Colour and BW scanning rate is improved by up to 10 times using the Leica system.