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Our Services

United Photo & Graphic Services are the photography and airborne imagery specialists with a core business of delivering spatial services including:

  • Aerial Photography (Vertical and Oblique) using GPS controlled platforms including full image motion compensation
  • Orthoimagery Sales, existing photography, orthophoto data and digital data from photographic products
  • LiDAR Airborne Laser Scanning
  • Digital Camera Imagery (Using Leica ADS80 SH81 and SH92 Large-format Digital Pushbroom Sensors)
  • Historical and Archival Photography
  • Secure Climate Controlled Film Archive Storage Facilities
  • Digital Enlargements and printing, Precision Large Format Colour/B&W Scanning of maps, existing photography, engineering designs and surveys
  • GPS Ground control using TrimbleTM GPS technology

United Photo & Graphic Services are the sole providers of the Australian Government's aerial photography film archives. We are also a licensed reseller of the Victorian Government's Vicmap ImageTM products.

Archived aerial photographic data can be used to provide historical information on your project site and protect you from risks associated with past usage and the environment. For example, sites previously used as quarries or as waste producing industrial areas can be identified from our aerial photography archives with imagery flown from the 1930s onward.

We have dedicated 7-days a week access to a range of modern twin-engine survey aircraft. Select aircraft are fitted with our advanced ALTM Optech 167kHz Multipulse LiDAR with integrated 39 Megapixel Rollei Digital Camera and our Leica ADS80 SH81 and SH92 Large-format Digital Pushbroom Sensors. Coupled with our world class LiDAR technology, is our LITTON Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), the most advanced position and orientation system available for airborne vehicles with integrated airborne GPS.