United Photo & Graphics

United Photo & Graphic Services (previously part of the Photomapping Services Group) provide:

  • Aerial film scanning
  • Existing historical imagery supply
  • Existing data supply

National Archives of Australia – Geoscience Australia Archival Aerial Photography

United Photo & Graphics are proud to be the sole service provider to the Australian Government for aerial photography and film archival services on behalf of Geoscience Australia. As a licensed reseller, United Photo & Graphics distributes Australian Government Aerial Photography images and does scanning of historical aerial photography by order. United Photo has access to Australian Government and private historical photography and imagery.

Archives of Australia – Geoscience Australia Flight Lines

Search Geoscience Australia’s flight lines to identify historical and archival aerial photography flown by the Australian Government from 1930 onwards. Search the Geoscience Australia Flight Lines

DELWP spatial data Imagery & LiDAR Data Sales

United Photo & Graphics is a Data Service Provider and a value added Reseller of Vicmap Imagery and Data Sets through DELWP. United Photo & Graphics is able to supply existing Victorian digital imagery and LiDAR data sets.


Enquiries for all historical imagery and existing data supply.

Email request to:[email protected]

  • Area of interest – GIS or CAD files preferred eg. KML,dxf,shapefile
  • Required years
  • Any other relevant information

Head Office

121 Condon St
Kennington, VIC. 3550
Ph. 0491 204 991

[email protected]